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Simply write the scent of the free candle in the notes section when you place your order and our packaging fairies will ship it out to you.

Pigeon and Weasel

Orders and Customer Care:

Can I send a candle or reed diffuser as a gift?

Absolutely! All of our beer bottle candles and diffusers come boxed and ready for gifting. If you would like to leave a gift note, please fill in the comments box below your cart items before clicking “check out”. 

Do Pigeon and Weasel ship internationally?

We would love to ship our beer bottles candles to you, wherever you live on the planet, but sometimes shipping can be pricey. Please email us at so we can give you a quote on shipping prices.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. All Pigeon and Weasel orders are hand packaged and shipped from Sydney, Australia.

What if the item I want is sold out?

Please email us at for more information about restocking.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Please visit our Wholesale page and fill in your details.

Do you offer bulk discount pricing for special events?

Yes! Please email us for a quote at

What is the best way to ask questions and speak to someone at Pigeon and Weasel?

You can get in touch with us via

Alternatively via Facebook

What happens if my payment is declined?

If your payment is unsuccessful for any reason, you'll see a declined message displayed on the final checkout page. We suggest that you return to the checkout page to make sure all the details you entered are correct before trying to re-submit your order. You'll be able to update your payment options with a different method if necessary. Pigeon and Weasel use Paypal to process all orders.

Can I change my delivery address after I’ve ordered?

If the order has not yet been dispatched, we will do everything we can do change your delivery address. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can make the changes - Unfortunately if your order has been collected by our courier then we are unable to make any changes. 

Where can I buy Pigeon and Weasel products in my area?

Please visit our Stockists page to find Pigeon and Weasel products in your area or feel free to email for more information. If you have a local shop that you’d love to see Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle candles in, we want to know! Please feel free to send shop information to

How long will it take for me to receive my Pigeon and Weasel order?

After placing your order through our online store, we will will wrap it with care and ensure it leaves our Annandale, New South Wales studio within 3 business days. If you would like your parcel to be accompanied with a gift note please just let us know during the checkout process.

Australia wide shipping: Your order will be shipped through: Fastway Couriers or Couriers Please.

2-4 business days for delivery to NSW, VIC, ACT

4-7 business days to: SA, WA, NT, QLD, Tas

Do you allow a product to be returned?

We know you will love your Pigeon and Weasel products but in the unfortunate event that your candle or diffuser is faulty or damaged upon delivery we will gladly replace your goods at no cost to you. Please email us at to organise the replacement shipment.

Candle Care:

How can I get the most out of my Pigeon and Weasel candle?

Did you know that a soy wax candle is very smart? It has something that we like to call a burn brain. What is this I hear you asking you asking…. well basically when you first burn your Pigeon and Weasel candle you need to ensure that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the beer bottle, this will take between 2-3 hours. This will set up the rest of its life and will ensure that you get the most out of your Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle candle and most importantly it will avoid that annoying tunnelling that can happen on an incorrectly burnt candle that does not have a burn brain.

Can I leave my candle burning while I go out?

No! Please never leave a  Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle candle burning unattended or within reach of children or pets. We make these candles for you to look at, love and enjoy so please, never leave a burning Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle candle alight when you leave your house.

Can I touch the candle jar while it is burning?

The beer bottle candle vessel will be hot during, and after burning, so allow the wax to cool completely before handling or trying to move it.

Do I need to do anything to look after the wick?

Each time you relight your Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle candle, trim off the extra wick and make sure you have around 7mm of wick above the wax (our wick trimmer will trim your wick to the perfect length, this can be purchased separately on our online store). A perfect burning candle is all dependent on where the wick sits. It must always be in the centre. If your wick is too long it can favour one side and will burn unevenly. If you notice that your wick has moved, gently move it back to the centre once you have blown your candle out.

Do not burn your candle all they way down to the base, always leave 1 cm of wax at the bottom of the glass to risk the vessel overheating when empty.

My candle jar is getting a bit of black soot around the top?

Soot around the top of the glass is not uncommon. There is always going to be a little soot left on you glass especially if your candle is burning for a long time. When you candle is blown out grab a damp cloth and you will be easily able to wipe off any excess soot. The soot is due to the flame and the fragrance oil burning.

My candle is finished now what?

As a Pigeon and Weasel candle came to the earth in the form of a beer bottle we would love you to recycle your glass after it has been finished. Please send us any pictures of creative ways that you are using you recycled jar.

How Fragrant are Pigeon and Weasel Candles?

Because we use natural soy wax, our candles will not have the same scent throw as paraffin candles. We like that our candles are not overwhelming and can be used every day.

We find that our candles fill a medium sized room perfectly. For larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings, we recommend our Longneck candles or 2 or more Stubbie candles. Stubbie candles are better burned at a desk or in a small space such as a bathroom.

Reed Diffuser Care:

How fragrant are Pigeon and Weasel reed diffusers?

We find that our beer bottle reed diffusers fill small to medium spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom quite nicely. We like that our diffusers won’t overwhelm a room and can be enjoyed in the same space every day.

Do the reed diffusers smell the same as the Pigeon and Weasel candles?

Yes. The beer bottle reed diffusers have the same fragrance oil added as the stubbie and longneck candles.

How long will my reed diffuser last?

A Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle reed diffuser lasts for approximately 6 months. If it is left in direct sunlight it will evaporate a lot quicker.

What happens if I knock over my diffuser?

Please ensure that you position your Pigeon and Weasel beer bottle diffuser in a safe place where it will not be knocked over and touched by children or pets. If your diffuser does get knocked over please ensure it is cleaned up as quickly as possibly to stop any potential permanent damage.

How much oil should be in a Pigeon and Weasel reed diffuser bottle?

Each beer bottle is filled with 200ml of scented diffuser oil. You will notice that the diffuser oil does not completely fill the bottle, this allows the diffuser to properly soak up and disperse the fragrance.

Do I need to flip the diffuser reeds?

We suggest flipping the reeds once a week however, if you like a stronger scent then please flip the reeds more regularly. Please wash your hands after handling the reeds.